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Congratulation...!!! Dr. Kalyan's paper has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics...!!!   


This journal is a top ranked journal which has impcat factor of 7.168 (within 1%) in elcetronics and computer engineering field. 

Also Dr. Kalyan is working as senior member of video architecture in MultiCoreWare Inc. which is the most leaing global company of real-time video system field.


Thr following is the acceptance letter from EiC:



Dear Authors (CC to Associate Editor, Reviewers),


The review process of your manuscript No. 17-TIE-1787.R2, entitled "A Design of Fast High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Scheme Based on Markov Chain Monte Carlo Model and Bayesian Classifier" as a Regular paper submission, has been completed.


Based on the opinions of the reviewers and the Associate Editor in charge, your manuscript has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics. Please accept our congratulations!


Please upload your Final Files via ScholarOne Manuscripts 11-Mar-2018.


Please download and use the latest TIE manuscript template (Word and LATEX version):


While preparing your final version of your manuscript, please print out and follow the EXACT instructions at The final manuscript and all publication items must be uploaded in one ZIP (or RAR) compressed file from your Author Center in Manuscript. Please consider using color in all figures and photographs. The final document will be published online, and there are no additional charges for the use of color.


Please do NOT submit the compressed file unless you are 100% sure that everything is correct. You may ask your colleagues to double check if everything is in order before the final submission. Neither you nor we have an option to undo your final submission. Corrections to your compressed file by IEEE may incur additional cost to you, and may also delay the publication date by several months.

Important notices:

IEEE performs a final similarity check between the accepted manuscript and the uploaded paper. Only very minor editorial changes and small technical clarifications are permitted before the final upload. These changes may entail small changes to text (not to exceed a short paragraph) or captions, or fine-tuning figures.

Figures and text cannot be removed from the manuscript after acceptance. The references cannot be modified, except for the addition or replacement of one or two very recent (not available at submission time). If changes are determined to be too extensive, the paper will be sent out for re-review, which will delay publication.

When you submit final files of manuscripts over the maximum length, you are confirming that you agree to any applicable overlength charges.   If you have questions related to these charges, please contact the Editor in Chief before you submit your final files.


Your kind cooperation is greatly appreciated.



Sincerely yours,


Prof. Huijun Gao


IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics



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