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Dami Jeong's research paper has been accepted for publication in Sensors journal...!!!!  She has been instructed under Prof. Kim Byung-Gyu who is the advisory professor of the Intelligent Vision Processing Lab. (IVPL), and now she is a staff member of Kosom ( for the next generation PB business model. 


The Sensors journal is ranked as 7.3% (9/123 ) in 'Physics and Astronomy: Instrumentation', and 15.4% in in 'Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Also it has 3.031 (2018) of impact factor. The following  is the official letter:



Dear Professor Kim,


We are writing to you concerning the below referenced manuscript which you

submitted to the Sensors. Based on the completed set of reviews, the

manuscript has been accepted in its present format.


Manuscript ID: sensors-741311

Type of manuscript: Article

Title: Deep Joint Spatio-Temporal Network for Efficient Facial Expression


Authors: Dami Jeong, Byung-Gyu Kim *, Seo-Yeon Dong

Received: 24 February 2020


Submitted to section: Sensor Networks,

Deep Learning Methods for Human Activity Recognition and Emotion Detection


We will now edit and finalize your paper which will then be returned to you

for your approval. In order to shorten the processing time, it is important

for the authors to respond to the Production Staff in proofing stage within

48 hours of receiving the proof.


Congratulations on the acceptance of your manuscript, and thanks again for

your interest in submitting your work to Sensors.


We encourage you to set up your profile at, MDPI’s

researcher network platform. Articles you publish with MDPI will be linked to

your SciProfiles page, where colleagues and peers will be able to see all of

your publications, citations, as well as your other academic contributions


We also invite you to contribute to Encyclopedia (,

a scholarly platform providing accurate information about the latest research

results. You can adapt parts of your paper to provide valuable reference

information for others in the field.


If you have any questions, please contact MDPI Sensors Publication Office at


Ms. Charlotte Li

Assistant Editor


Sensors (


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