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Ms. Woon-Ha Yeo's paper has been accepted in Applied Sciences Journal (SCIE) whcih is CiteScore (2019 Scopus data): 2.4, which equals rank 85/299 (Q2) in 'General Engineering.'  Now Woon-Ha Yeo is pursuing her MS degree in IVPL and her research intersts are deep neural network model for video coding and fast encoding scheme in video compression.


The following is the official decision letter:


Dear Professor Kim,


We are pleased to inform you that the following paper has been officially accepted for publication:


Manuscript ID: applsci-986291

Type of manuscript: Article

Title: Place Classification Algorithm based on Semantic Segmented Objects

Authors: Woon-Ha Yeo, Young-Jin Heo, Young-Ju Choi, Byung-Gyu Kim *

Received: 17 October 2020

E-mails:,,, Submitted to section: Computing and Artificial Intelligence,

Artificial Intelligence for Multimedia Signal Processing


We will now make the final preparations for publication, then return it to you for your approval.


Please click on the link below to upload your video abstract.



Please confirm whether you would like to use the Open Review option, where the review reports and authors’ response are published alongside your paper. Reviewers can also choose to identify themselves along with the published paper. We encourage authors to take advantage of this option as proof of the rigorous peer review process used to publish your research.

However, we will not publish the review reports without your explicit approval.


Kind regards,

Ms. Luksamon Pratumma

Assistant Editor

MDPI Branch Office, Thailand


Skype: live:.cid.5660a177c73067b9

Applied Sciences (IF= 2.474,


* Applied Sciences 2019 CiteScore™ - 2.40 (Q2 in Engineering)

* Applied Sciences 2019 Impact Factor (WoS) - 2.474 (Q2 in "Physics Applied", "Chemistry, Multidisciplinary" and "Engineering, Multidisciplinary") 


SJR: 0.418 (Q1 in Engineering [miscellaneous]).

Twitter: @applsci




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