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   Snowbird, Utah

   March 27 - March 30, 2018



*** The advance program has been posted:



Technical co-Sponsorship by the IEEE Signal Processing Society.

Since 1991, DCC is the premier annual conference for data compression.


Keynote address:


     "Inpainting-Based Data Compression"

     Prof. Joachim Weickert

     Saarland University, Germany


Special sessions:


     "The Emerging AV1 Video Codec"

     (in two technical sessions)

     Jingning Han, Google

     Iraj Sodagar, Microsoft

     Session Coordinators


     "Toward a Next-Generation International Video Coding Standard"

     (in the poster session)

     Gary Sullivan, Microsoft Research

     Yan Ye, Interdigital, Inc.

     Session Coordinators


    "Computation over Compressed Data"

     (in three technical sessions)

     Travis Gagie, University of Helsinki

     Gonzalo Navarro, University of Chile

     Session Coordinators


DCC is held at the Cliff Lodge convention center in the beautiful Snowbird Complex; located a short ride from the Salt Lake City International Airport. It is an international forum for current work on data compression and related applications. The conference addresses methods for specific types of data (text, images, video, audio, medical data, scientific data, biological sequences, graphics data, web content, etc.) and the application of techniques from information theory and data compression to networking, communications, storage, and search (including image and information mining / retrieval, archiving and backup, human-computer interfaces, compressed data structures, visual search, object recognition, compressive sensing, rate-distortion, rate allocation, and compression related standards).

Theoretical and experimental work is of interest.

See the DCC web page.

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