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[CFP] ACIVS 2020 - Auckland New Zealand

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Acivs 2020


   Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems

   Feb. 11-15, 2020


   Auckland, New Zealand




   Acivs 2020 is a conference focusing on techniques for building adaptive,

   intelligent, safe and secure imaging systems. Acivs 2020 consists of four

   days of lecture sessions, both regular (25 minutes) and invited

   presentations, and poster sessions. The proceedings of Acivs 2020 should

   be published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science

   series and are listed in the ISI proceedings index. Official Springer

   records show that the conference reaches a wide audience: the proceedings

   covering the period 2005-2018 have been donwloaded almost a million times



   Acivs 2020 will also feature several social activities (included in the

   registration fee), including an opening reception, a conference dinner and

   a cultural activity.


                            Best student paper award


   Thanks to sponsorship by LNCS, Acivs 2020 will feature a best student

   paper award. Details will be announced later.


                                Invited speakers


   Acivs 2020 will feature several invited talks, to be announded later.


                               Conference topics


   Papers must show original and high-quality work, from basic research to

   pre-industrial application. Both classical research papers and application

   papers are welcome. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


     * Image and Video Processing: preprocessing (scanning, sampling,

       quantization, …), compressed sensing, filtering, restoration and

       enhancement, color processing; including applications like

       multi-camera systems and sensor networks.

     * Multidimensional Image Processing: optical, infrared, radar, sonar,

       polarimetric, multispectral, hyperspectral and other types of images

       and videos; including applications like remote sensing and medical


     * Image and Video Analysis: segmentation, computational photography,

       tracking, pattern analysis, computer vision, early and biologically

       inspired vision, information geometry, image and video databases,

       search and retrieval, multimodality, authentication and watermarking;

       including applications like events supervision, surveillance

       applications, biometrics and forensics, robotics, vision-based

       guidance and navigation.

     * Image and Video Coding: coding, quality metrics, image and video

       protection; including applications like multimedia applications,

       mobile imaging, augmented reality.



  Applications of interest include, but are not limited to:


     * remote sensing, geology, agriculture;

     * robotics, drones;

     * medical applications;

     * multi-camera systems, sensor networks, events supervision,

       surveillance applications, biometrics and forensics;

     * intelligent transportation systems, vision-based guidance and


     * multimedia applications, mobile imaging, augmented reality.




   The conference will take place in Auckland, New Zealand on Feb. 11-15,



                      Paper submission and review process


   Prospective authors should prepare a full paper and submit it

   electronically. The paper should consist of 8-12 pages in A4 format and

   should conform to the style guidelines outlined on the Acivs 2020



   LaTeX style sheets, MSWord templates and more detailed information on

   the submission process can be found on the Acivs 2020 website

   ( It is absolutely essential that

   submitted papers are based on the provided templates. Accepted papers

   which do not satisfy the requirements or which cannot be processed without

   changes will be returned to the authors and may not be published.

   All submissions will be reviewed by at least 2 members of the Program

   Committee; additional reviewers will be consulted if needed. The papers

   should provide sufficient background information and should clearly

   indicate the original contribution. They should state and discuss the main

   results and provide adequate references. Paper submission implies that one

   of the authors will present the paper if it is accepted. Duplicate

   submissions to other conferences, or modified copies of earlier papers are

   not acceptable.


   Submission implies the authors have obtained all IP clearance from their

   employers, eg. the submitted material contains nothing that is



                             Conference proceedings


   The proceedings of Acivs 2020 should be published by Springer in the

   Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. LNCS is published, in

   parallel to the printed books, in full-text electronic form via Springer's

   internet platform (


                              Important deadlines


       June 15, 2019  Full paper submission

     October 1, 2019  Notification of acceptance

   November 15, 2019  Camera-ready papers due

     August 10, 2019  Registration deadline for authors of accepted papers

    December 1, 2019  Early registration deadline

    Feb. 11-15, 2020  Acivs 2020

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