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Image and Vision Computing Image and Vision Computing 
Volume 54 ,  Pages 1-98, October 2016 
  Regular Papers
Randomized time warping for motion recognition   Original Research Article 
Pages 1-11 
Chendra Hadi Suryanto, Jing-Hao Xue, Kazuhiro Fukui 

Graphical Abstract


Iterated random walks with shape prior   Original Research Article 
Pages 12-21 
Esmeralda Ruiz Pujadas, Hans Martin Kjer, Gemma Piella, Miguel Angel González Ballester 
Exploring canonical correlation analysis with subspace and structured sparsity for web image annotation   Original Research Article 
Pages 22-30 
Liang Tao, Horace H.S. Ip, Aijun Zhang, Xin Shu 
Detection of multiple salient objects through the integration of estimated foreground clues   Original Research Article 
Pages 31-44 
Kanghan Oh, Myungeun Lee, Gwangbok Kim, Soohyung Kim 

Graphical abstract

Image 1

Estimation of mirror shape and extrinsic parameters in axial non-central catadioptric systems   Original Research Article 
Pages 45-59 
Luis Perdigoto, Helder Araujo 
CEDContours: A high speed contour detector for color images   Original Research Article 
Pages 60-70 
Cuneyt Akinlar 
Canonical image selection based on human affects in photographic images   Original Research Article 
Pages 83-98 
Eun Yi Kim, Eunjeong Ko 
  Editor's Choice Paper
Deceiving faces: When plastic surgery challenges face recognition   Review Article 
Pages 71-82 
Michele Nappi, Stefano Ricciardi, Massimo Tistarelli 
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