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Congratlation..!!!  Mr. Lee Jong-Hyeok of our group, his biography has been nominated on Who's Who in the World....!!!



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Congratulations on your nomination!


Dear Dr. Lee,

I am the editor-in-chief of Who's Who in the World® and I have received your name through a private nomination process. I'm writing to ask if you would provide us with information about your personal and professional accomplishments for possible inclusion in our upcoming Edition of Who's Who in the World®.

Inclusion in Who's Who in the World is a sign of true success. The book is a global reference source relied upon by universities, libraries, corporations, and governments around the world.

Like LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and Facebook, it costs you nothing to be included in Who's Who in the World. But unlike those resources, our books only contain biographies that meet our rigorous selection criteria (see below). Also, our books are available both online and in print and are used by the world's most respected institutions. So among other things, Who's Who in the World provides all the benefits of high quality networking. Many people put this recognition on their résumés or CVs.

Please click this link to the Who's Who in the World Biography Submission Form and you will be taken to our password-protected site. The submission process takes only a few minutes, and the benefits of being included are significant.

Congratulations on being nominated!

August 17, 2017


Fred Marks
Editor-in-Chief, Who's Who in the World®



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