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Congratulations..!!!! Young-Ju Choi's research paper has been accepted for presentation in ACiVS 2020 which will be held at Feb. Auckland, New Zealand. 


Her research was about designing motion estiamtion scheme for next generation video coding such as VVC and HEVC standards.

This conference is very good conference which has 12 of H-index at

The following is the official letter from the orgainzing committee:



Dear Bung-Gyu Kim,

the review process for one or more of the papers that you have submitted to
Acivs 2020 has been completed. Below, we indicate for each of your papers
whether or not they have been accepted for publication:
  * Paper 102: Design of Perspective Affine Motion Compensation for
    Versatile Video Coding (VVC)
    Authors: Young-Ju Choi, Young-Woon Lee, Byung-Gyu Kim
    Decision: This paper has been ACCEPTED. We will inform you soon about
    the presentation format (oral or poster).

Review reports concerning the above mentioned papers can be found on

Your camera ready papers should be submitted on our website before December
2, 2019, but preferably sooner. Camera ready paper submission is possible
now. You must submit both a pdf (or ps)-file and the source documents
(latex or msword). Please follow the instructions on
and **do not forget to upload the completed copyright form.**

Furthermore, you must register for the conference before December 6, 2019
and we must receive your payment before December 21, 2019. PAPERS OF
accepted papers, a different registration is needed for each paper.

Details about registration can be found on

Some of the papers at Acivs 2020 will be presented as posters and some
others as oral presentations. We will inform you soon about the
presentation type for your paper(s), the conference program being under
preparation. All papers (oral and posters) will be published in the
conference proceedings provided that all of the following conditions are
  * You submit a cameraready pdf-paper by the deadline mentioned on the
    website. You **must** submit a new version even if the reviewers were
    happy with your paper.
  * All required source documents (preferably LaTeX; MsWord is strongly
    discouraged, but will be accepted) are submitted on time and are
    complete (e.g., no missing figures).
  * At least one author must register for the conference before the
    deadline stated on the website and payment must be received before we
    finalise the proceedings. In case you present multiple papers, you will
    have to pay a surcharge for the second paper.

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