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Today we can see how computer vision (CV) systems are revolutionizing whole industries and business functions with successful applications in healthcare, security, transportation, retail, banking, agriculture, and more.

In 2019, we saw lots of novel architectures and approaches that further improved the perceptive and generative capacities of visual systems. To help you navigate through the overwhelming number of great computer vision papers presented this year, we’ve curated and summarized the top 10 CV research papers of 2019 that will help you understand the latest trends in this research area.

The papers that we selected cover optimization of convolutional networks, unsupervised learning in computer vision, image generation and evaluation of machine-generated images, visual-language navigation, captioning changes between two images with natural language, and more.


If you’d like to skip around, here are the papers we featured:

  1. EfficientNet: Rethinking Model Scaling for Convolutional Neural Networks
  2. Learning the Depths of Moving People by Watching Frozen People
  3. Reinforced Cross-Modal Matching and Self-Supervised Imitation Learning for Vision-Language Navigation
  4. A Theory of Fermat Paths for Non-Line-of-Sight Shape Reconstruction
  5. Reasoning-RCNN: Unifying Adaptive Global Reasoning into Large-scale Object Detection
  6. Fixing the Train-Test Resolution Discrepancy
  7. SinGAN: Learning a Generative Model from a Single Natural Image
  8. Local Aggregation for Unsupervised Learning of Visual Embeddings
  9. Robust Change Captioning
  10. HYPE: A Benchmark for Human eYe Perceptual Evaluation of Generative Models


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번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
공지 2019 IVPL 송년회 [1] yjchoi 2019.12.20 65
공지 [한국과총]글로벌 현장연수 참가자 모집 GreatMind 2018.04.04 172
공지 Inform Your Students: Global Student Challenge. Over US$2,000 in Prizes! GreatMind 2017.01.12 3369
공지 nVidia Parallel Computing Software Engineer 채용 GreatMind 2016.11.16 483
119 Inform Your Students: Global Student Challenge. Over US$2,000 in Prizes! GreatMind 2017.01.12 3369
118 2016년 실리콘밸리 인턴십 운영지원사업 참여 학생 모집 공고 file GreatMind 2016.09.22 1902
117 Building AI systems that work is still hard..! [3] GreatMind 2018.01.04 1203
116 CES 2016 kicks off: Drones, smart homes, connected cars, VR and more !!! 관리자 2016.03.31 1048
115 Google's 'Magenta' project will see if AIs can truly make art GreatMind 2016.05.27 898
114 [News] Congratulations! Da-Mi Jeong's paper has been accepted for presentation in ICVIP2018..! GreatMind 2018.09.11 847
113 [News] Congratulation...!!! Dr. Kalyan's paper has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics...!!! GreatMind 2018.03.02 841
112 Carnegie Mellon Solves 12-Year-Old DARPA Grand Challenge Mystery..!!! GreatMind 2017.10.26 567
111 [Notice] Mr. Lee Jong-Hyeok has been nominated in Marquis Who's Who in the World ...!! GreatMind 2017.09.07 550
110 Graphene Wristband Senses Your Blood Sugar—and Treats It GreatMind 2016.04.09 538
109 JPL's AI-Powered Racing Drone Challenges Pro Human Pilot GreatMind 2017.12.20 504
108 Automatic emergency braking systems need 180-degree frontal vision to help cars avoid hitting cyclists..!!! GreatMind 2018.05.10 503
107 Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones GreatMind 2018.03.09 494
106 What to wear to work? Soon, a tiny computer GreatMind 2016.07.07 486
105 nVidia Parallel Computing Software Engineer 채용 GreatMind 2016.11.16 483
104 [News] Congratulation...!!! Ji-Hae Kim's research has been accepted for publication in IEEE Access Journal (IEEE)...!!! GreatMind 2019.03.23 458
103 GTC Korea 2016 (코엑스 인터컨티넨탈호텔)...!!!!! GreatMind 2016.08.26 422
102 [Notice] Mr. Park's paper has been accepted with minor revision in Displays Journal (Elsevier)...!! GreatMind 2016.05.11 364
101 [News] Congratulations..!!!! Young-Ju Choi's research result has been officially accepted for publication in MDPI Electronics .....!!! GreatMind 2019.09.02 351
100 Scopus Newsletter: CiteScore metrics Special Edition..!!! GreatMind 2016.12.16 339