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Da-Mi Jeong's paper has been accepted for presentation in ICVIP2018, which whll be held in Hong Kong.


All papers of this conference  will be published in ACM digital publication.


The following is the official message:





As a result of the reviews, we are pleased to inform you that your paper HK2-0012 titled with “Robust Weighted Keypoint Matching Algorithm for Image Retrieval” has been formally accepted by ICVIP 2018 for publication and oral presentation.

​Please find the attached Acceptance Letter and review result. Please revise your paper according to the review result. You are expected to return your revised final paper (both doc and pdf ver.), filled registration form(doc.) and payment proof before or on September 15th via email to the Organizing Committee.


For ACM Publication, Please note that 

1. the copyright will be issued 10-20 days ahead of the conference date, you are request to sign the copyright online at that time,I will send the email to inform you, keep in touch.

2. you are request to choose CCS concept and XML Code, please add the CCS concept in your final paper (please refer to ACM template), and directly paste the XML Code in this email of your reply. we will collect the information.

For the CCS concept and XML Code instruction, please see the document in the attachment.


​Please check out procedures stated in the acceptance letter attached when you register.

​Should you have any questions, please contact us and quote the Paper ID in your email.
​Thank you for your contribution to the conference and we are looking forward to your participation.


Thanks and regards,



Amy H. Ching

Secretary of ICVIP2018

Conference Secretary | +86-13298699999

Web: www. 

Our working time is from 10:00 to 18:00(UTC + 08:00) Monday through Friday !

ICVIP 2017 Proceedings indexed by Ei Compendex and Scopus already.




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