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Mini IoT device records 5 kinds of data

GreatMind 2016.06.03 19:32 조회 수 : 187




An Internet of Things (IoT) sensor that can measure five different sets of data has been unveiled by beacon technology firm Netclearance.

The mBeaconSense sensor can measure temperature, vibration, acceleration, magnetic force and light. It can be set up to record data consistently or record notable spikes in temperature, for example, or if the sensor is moving at a certain speed.

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mBeaconSense IoT sensor shown again ball point pen for scale

The device (pictured left) is the size of a penny and can last for years on a coin battery, the firm said. It also has a clock and an RFID tag.


The capabilities of the device, combined with its small size and long battery life, could make it viable for emerging IoT environments ranging from wearables to city furniture, according to Netclearance.

"The launch of mBeaconSense addresses a gap in the market by offering a tiny IoT device that can be used alone or with our suite of gateway beacon devices to make it a fully internet capable device,” said Jonathan Duffy, executive director of EMEA at Netclearance.

He added that the device complements the firm’s big-end systems that allow it to collect and analyse the data.

“A sensor doesn't mean much unless there is a powerful gateway to collect and analyse the data. We already had the servers, the analytics and the gateways. The mBeaconSense was the missing piece," Duffy said.

The device is just the latest in the ongoing development of IoT systems and sensors as businesses start to incorporate the technology into their operations. Ocado, for example, has built an IoT factory for its online shopping delivery warehouse.

To this end, analyst firm Juniper Research estimates that there will be 38 billion IoT devices deployed by 2020 representing a 285 per cent increase on the 13.4 billion currently in use today.

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