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Volume 57, Pages 1-192, January 2017

Image and Vision Computing
Volume 57, Pages 1-192, January 2017




  Editor's Choice Article


Photometric stereo with only two images: A theoretical study and numerical resolution    Original Research Article
Pages 175-191
Yvain Quéau, Roberto Mecca, Jean-Denis Durou, Xavier Descombes




  Regular Papers


Open-set face recognition across look-alike faces in real-world scenarios    Original Research Article
Pages 1-14
Ali Moeini, Karim Faez, Hossein Moeini, Armon Matthew Safai



Descriptors and regions of interest fusion for in- and cross-database gender classification in the wild    Original Research Article
Pages 15-24
M. Castrillón-Santana, J. Lorenzo-Navarro, E. Ramón-Balmaseda



Exploiting scene maps and spatial relationships in quasi-static scenes for video face clustering    Original Research Article
Pages 25-43
Alessio Bazzica, Cynthia C.S. Liem, Alan Hanjalic



Near-lighting Photometric Stereo for unknown scene distance and medium attenuation    Original Research Article
Pages 44-57
Chourmouzios Tsiotsios, Andrew J. Davison, Tae-Kyun Kim



Robust hashing for multi-view data: Jointly learning low-rank kernelized similarity consensus and hash functions    Original Research Article
Pages 58-66
Lin Wu, Yang Wang



Salient object detection with low-rank approximation and 2,1-norm minimization    Original Research Article
Pages 67-77
Shiping Wang, Aiping Huang

Graphical abstract




On robust optical flow estimation on image sequences with differently exposed frames using primal–dual optimization    Original Research Article
Pages 78-88
Tomas Bengtsson, Tomas McKelvey, Konstantin Lindström



On the effect of hyperedge weights on hypergraph learning    Original Research Article
Pages 89-101
Sheng Huang, Ahmed Elgammal, Dan Yang

Graphical abstract




Shape-indifferent stereo disparity based on disparity gradient estimation    Original Research Article
Pages 102-113
Jeong-Min Park, Gwang-Yul Song, Joon-Woong Lee



Physically inspired depth-from-defocus    Original Research Article
Pages 114-129
Nico Persch, Christopher Schroers, Simon Setzer, Joachim Weickert



An efficient and reliable coarse-to-fine approach for asphalt pavement crack detection    Original Research Article
Pages 130-146
Dejin Zhang, Qingquan Li, Ying Chen, Min Cao, Li He, Bailing Zhang



Eye detection in a facial image under pose variation based on multi-scale iris shape feature    Original Research Article
Pages 147-164
Hyunjun Kim, Jaeik Jo, Kar-Ann Toh, Jaihie Kim



Color-blob-based COSFIRE filters for object recognition    Original Research Article
Pages 165-174
Baris Gecer, George Azzopardi, Nicolai Petkov

Graphical abstract


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