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January 11-13, 2019, Las Vegas, USA.


ICCE 2019 Executive Committee


ICCE 2019 Conference Chair

Anirban Sengupta

Indian Institute of Technology Indore (India)


Technical Program Chair ICCE 2019

Dhireesha Kudithipudi

Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)


ICCE 2018 Chair 

Saraju P. Mohanty

University of North Texas (USA)


Web Chair

Daniel Díaz Sánchez (Spain)


Industrial Liaison

Thomas Coughlin (USA)

Dennis Shapiro (USA)


President, Consumer Electronics Soc.

Sharon Peng


VP of CE Conferences

Stephen Dukes (USA)


Treasurer/CEA Liaison

Brian Markwalter (USA)


Treasurer/Local Arrangement Chair//Special Session Chair

Stuart Lipoff (USA)


Marketing and Social Media Chair

Lee Stogner (USA)


Young Professionals Chair

Shingo Yamaguchi


International Advisors

Francisco Bellido (Spain)

Peter Corcoran (Ireland)

Uwe E. Kraus (Germany)

Tom G B Wilson (Canada)

Reinhard Moeller (Germany)

Aldo W. Morales (USA)

Stefan Mozar (Australia)

Simon Sherratt (United Kingdom)


Conference Coordinator

Charlotte Kobert, Pittsburgh, PA


The IEEE Consumer Electronics (CE) Society is soliciting technical papers for oral and poster presentations at their 37th annual flagship conference, IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) in Las Vegas. ICCE is the established forum for innovative research in all areas of consumer electronics and is co-located with the CTA’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). CES is world’s largest consumer electronics trade-conference. The theme of ICCE 2019 is “Smart Electronics: Paradigms for Secure and Green Solutions”. Topics consistent with this theme include all aspects of foundation technologies and robust architectures that support privacy, reliability, anti-counterfeiting, authentication, content protection for consumer electronics devices, their networks, and the services connected to these devices. 


Paper contributions are sought in but are not limited to following areas

(1)  Security and Privacy of CE Hardware and Software Systems (SPC)

(2)  Energy Management of CE Hardware and Software Systems (EMC) 

(3)  Application-Specific CE for Smart Cities (SMC)

(4)  RF, Wireless, and Network Technologies (WNT)

(5)  Internet of Things and Internet of Everywhere (IoT)

(6)  Entertainment, Gaming, and Virtual and Augmented Reality (EGV)

(7)  AV Systems, Image and Video, and Cameras and Acquisition (AVS)

(8)  Automotive CE Applications (CEA)

(9)  CE Sensors and MEMS (CSM)

(10) Consumer Healthcare Systems (CHS)

(11) Enabling and HCI Technologies (HCI)

(12) Smartphone and Mobile Device Technologies (MDT) 


In addition to regular oral and poster sessions based on the above tracks, ICCE 2019 will have many special sessions on current hot topics related to CE. ICCE 2019 will also feature industry tracks and a student research forum as an integral part. The organizing committee invites proposals for special sessions, industry tracks, and expert panels. These proposals as well as the student research forum papers can be submitted at the following EDAS link


Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished manuscripts of 2- to 6-page length at Previously published papers or papers under review for other conferences/journals should not be submitted for consideration. Authors may prepare original work of maximum 6 pages with an 200-word abstract using double-column IEEE conference-format template:  


All accepted papers (including regular papers, special session papers, and SRF papers) will be published in the ICCE 2019 Digest or Proceedings and submitted to IEEE Xplore. Instructions for authors and document templates are available on the conference website. A selected set of papers from ICCE 2019 program will be invited for submission to special issues of peer-reviewed journals (e.g. IEEE CE Magazine) based on reviewer’s feedback and quality of conference presentation. 

Important Dates of ICCE 2019 are the following: 

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2018 | Acceptance Notification: September05, 2018 | Submission of Final Version: September 25, 2018 

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