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A multidisciplinary forum for machine intelligence
Now open for submissions, Nature Machine Intelligence will study all aspects of intelligent machines by exploring a broad spectrum of research topics that connect various scientific disciplines with artificial intelligence and robotics. The journal will also explore and discuss the implications of recent advances in machine intelligence for science, society and industry. 

We welcome submissions from all fields, including computer science and robotics, but also, for example, from biology, medical sciences, physical sciences, cognitive sciences, and social sciences, since intelligent machines have become important for most disciplines. We are especially interested in topics at the intersection between different fields and will cover diverse perspectives to scientific questions by bringing together authors from different areas. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, engineering of AI systems and robots, human-machine interactions, fundamental research on natural and artificial intelligence, integration of AI approaches in physics and biology, and AI in society.

Like all Nature-branded journals, Nature Machine Intelligence will have a dedicated team of professional editors, engaging with research communities in academia and industry to provide exceptional author and reviewer service. The journal will uphold high reproducibility standards and high-quality editorial and publishing policies. We support the posting of submitted manuscripts on community preprint servers such as arXiv. 

Find out more about:

Content types and detailed instructions for preparing, formatting and writing all types of manuscripts published in the journal.

The editorial process and how Nature Machine Intelligence assesses a study's suitability for publication.

How to submit your paper.

Take a look at Nature Research's policy on code reporting and availability
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번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
156 [CFP] IEEE SPS Magazine Special Issue on Deep Learning for Visual Understanding GreatMind 2016.11.16 14723
155 [Journal Issue] Pattern Recognition: Alert 14 July-21 July GreatMind 2018.07.22 3485
154 [CFP] VISUAL 2018 || June 24 - 28, 2018 - Venice, Italy GreatMind 2018.02.19 2569
153 [CFP] IEEE 2017 ICCE GreatMind 2016.04.08 983
152 [CFP] IEEE TBioCAS Special Issue on AI-based Biomedical Circuits and Systems Manuscripts now due 1 September 2019 GreatMind 2019.08.19 901
151 [CFP] IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems for Video Technology - Special Issue on Large Scale and Nonlinear Similarity Learning for Intelligent Video Analysis GreatMind 2016.10.29 531
150 [Journal Issue] Pattern Recognition: Alert 28 August-3 September GreatMind 2016.09.04 522
149 [CFP] JETCAS Call for Papers - Immersive Video Coding and Transmission GreatMind 2018.03.02 486
148 [Journal issue] Multimedia Tools and Applications, Vol. 75, Issue 11 GreatMind 2016.07.04 467
147 [CFP] MITA2018, une 28-30, 2018, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, China GreatMind 2018.05.25 450
146 [CFP] 방송공학회논문지 24권 3호 '인공지능 기반의 미디어 처리 및 방송 기술' 논문모집안내 (2019년 5월 발간) GreatMind 2019.02.18 425
145 [CFP] IEEE TFS Call for Papers (Deep Fuzzy Models) GreatMind 2018.06.21 405
144 [News] 2016 Impact Factor for Journal of Real-Time Image Processing out now GreatMind 2017.06.27 380
143 [CFP] IEEE TENCON 2019: Call for Papers and Proposals - Grand Hyatt Bolgatty, Kochi, Kerala, India GreatMind 2019.02.20 356
142 [CFP] IEEE ICME 2020 | Call for Papers Deadline Extended GreatMind 2019.11.28 337
141 [CFP] IEEE ISCAS 2018 In Florence, Italy. GreatMind 2017.07.28 337
140 [CFP] TMIS Call for Papers: Special Issue on Analytics for Cybersecurity and Privacy GreatMind 2019.06.12 329
139 [CFP] IEEE JSTSP Special Issue on Deep Learning for Image/Video Restoration and Compression GreatMind 2019.11.18 327
138 [CFP] The Journal of Multimedia and Information System, Vol. 5, No. 1 (May 2018) GreatMind 2018.01.12 313
137 [Journal issue] Image and Vision Computing: Alert 12 January-19 January GreatMind 2017.01.20 295