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Pattern Recognition Pattern Recognition
Volume 60 ,  Pages 1-1076, December 2016


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  Face and biometrics
Robust face recognition based on dynamic rank representation   Original Research Article
Pages 13-24
Hongjun Li, Ching Y. Suen
Efficient 3D dental identification via signed feature histogram and learning keypoint detection   Original Research Article
Pages 189-204
Zhiyuan Zhang, Sim Heng Ong, Xin Zhong, Kelvin W.C. Foong
A spatial domain scar removal strategy for fingerprint image enhancement   Original Research Article
Pages 258-274
Mohammad A.U. Khan, Tariq M. Khan, D.G. Bailey, Yinan Kong
Part based bit error analysis of iris codes   Original Research Article
Pages 306-317
I. Tomeo-Reyes, V. Chandran
Face alignment by robust discriminative Hough voting   Original Research Article
Pages 318-333
Xin Jin, Xiaoyang Tan
Sparse tree structured representation for re-identification   Original Research Article
Pages 394-404
Rudy Cahyadi Hario Pribadi, Hsing-Kuo Pao
ZebraRecognizer: Pedestrian crossing recognition for people with visual impairment or blindness   Original Research Article
Pages 405-419
Sergio Mascetti, Dragan Ahmetovic, Andrea Gerino, Cristian Bernareggi
Cost-sensitive dictionary learning for face recognition   Original Research Article
Pages 613-629
Guoqing Zhang, Huaijiang Sun, Zexuan Ji, Yun-Hao Yuan, Quansen Sun
Facial action unit recognition under incomplete data based on multi-label learning with missing labels   Original Research Article
Pages 890-900
Yongqiang Li, Baoyuan Wu, Bernard Ghanem, Yongping Zhao, Hongxun Yao, Qiang Ji
  Bio-medical patterns
Segmentation of overlapping cells in cervical smears based on spatial relationship and Overlapping Translucency Light Transmission Model   Original Research Article
Pages 286-295
Jianwei Zhang, Zhenpeng Hu, Guoqiang Han, Xiaozhen He
Exploring illumination robust descriptors for human epithelial type 2 cell classification   Original Research Article
Pages 420-429
Xianbiao Qi, Guoying Zhao, Jie Chen, Matti Pietikäinen
Mass classification in mammograms based on two-concentric masks and discriminating texton   Original Research Article
Pages 648-656
Yanfeng Li, Houjin Chen, Xueye Wei, Yahui Peng, Lin Cheng
An improved anisotropic hierarchical fuzzy c-means method based on multivariate student t-distribution for brain MRI segmentation   Original Research Article
Pages 778-792
Yunjie Chen, Hui Zhang, Yuhui Zheng, Byeungwoo Jeon, Q.M. Jonathan Wu
Clustering of cell populations in flow cytometry data using a combination of Gaussian mixtures   Original Research Article
Pages 1029-1040
Michael Reiter, Paolo Rota, Florian Kleber, Markus Diem, Stefanie Groeneveld-Krentz, Michael Dworzak
Feature selection using Forest Optimization Algorithm   Original Research Article
Pages 121-129
Manizheh Ghaemi, Mohammad-Reza Feizi-Derakhshi
Feature selection for linear SVM with provable guarantees   Original Research Article
Pages 205-214
Saurabh Paul, Malik Magdon-Ismail, Petros Drineas
Inductive and flexible feature extraction for semi-supervised pattern categorization   Original Research Article
Pages 275-285
F. Dornaika, Y. El Traboulsi, A. Assoum
Bottom-up saliency detection with sparse representation of learnt texture atoms   Original Research Article
Pages 348-360
Mai Xu, Lai Jiang, Zhaoting Ye, Zulin Wang
Unsupervised feature learning with C-SVDDNet   Original Research Article
Pages 473-485
Dong Wang, Xiaoyang Tan
Enhancing information discriminant analysis: Feature extraction with linear statistical model and information-theoretic criteria   Original Research Article
Pages 554-570
Liling Li, Lan Du, Wei Zhang, Hua He, Penghui Wang
Uncorrelated multi-set feature learning for color face recognition   Original Research Article
Pages 630-646
Fei Wu, Xiao-Yuan Jing, Xiwei Dong, Qi Ge, Songsong Wu, Qian Liu, Dong Yue, Jing-Yu Yang
Sparse exponential family Principal Component Analysis   Original Research Article
Pages 681-691
Meng Lu, Jianhua Z. Huang, Xiaoning Qian
Learning discriminability-preserving histogram representation from unordered features for multibiometric feature-fused-template protection   Original Research Article
Pages 706-719
Meng-Hui Lim, Sunny Verma, Guangcan Mai, Pong C. Yuen
Hypergraph modelling for geometric model fitting   Original Research Article
Pages 748-760
Guobao Xiao, Hanzi Wang, Taotao Lai, David Suter
Flexible constrained sparsity preserving embedding   Original Research Article
Pages 813-823
L. Weng, F. Dornaika, Z. Jin
A method for solving the multiple ellipses detection problem   Original Research Article
Pages 824-834
Ratko Grbić, Danijel Grahovac, Rudolf Scitovski
Incremental relevance sample-feature machine: A fast marginal likelihood maximization approach for joint feature selection and classification   Original Research Article
Pages 835-848
Yalda Mohsenzadeh, Hamid Sheikhzadeh, Sobhan Nazari
Dual autoencoders features for imbalance classification problem   Original Research Article
Pages 875-889
Wing W.Y. Ng, Guangjun Zeng, Jiangjun Zhang, Daniel S. Yeung, Witold Pedrycz
L1-norm-based principal component analysis with adaptive regularization   Original Research Article
Pages 901-907
Gui-Fu Lu, Jian Zou, Yong Wang, Zhongqun Wang
Towards parameter-independent data clustering and image segmentation   Original Research Article
Pages 25-36
Jian Hou, Weixue Liu, Xu E, Hongxia Cui
Learning simultaneous adaptive clustering and classification via MOEA   Original Research Article
Pages 37-50
Juanjuan Luo, Licheng Jiao, Ronghua Shang, Fang Liu
ECMdd: Evidential c-medoids clustering with multiple prototypes   Original Research Article
Pages 239-257
Kuang Zhou, Arnaud Martin, Quan Pan, Zhun-ga Liu
A dynamic niching clustering algorithm based on individual-connectedness and its application to color image segmentation   Original Research Article
Pages 334-347
Dongxia Chang, Yao Zhao, Lian Liu, Changwen Zheng
Effectively clustering by finding density backbone based-on kNN   Original Research Article
Pages 486-498
Mei Chen, Longjie Li, Bo Wang, Jianjun Cheng, Lina Pan, Xiaoyun Chen
Fuzzy based affinity learning for spectral clustering   Original Research Article
Pages 531-542
Qilin Li, Yan Ren, Ling Li, Wanquan Liu
Density-ratio based clustering for discovering clusters with varying densities   Original Research Article
Pages 983-997
Ye Zhu, Kai Ming Ting, Mark J. Carman
  Classifiers and classification
An efficient parameter estimation method for generalized Dirichlet priors in naïve Bayesian classifiers with multinomial models   Original Research Article
Pages 62-71
Tzu-Tsung Wong, Chao-Rui Liu
Improving semi-supervised learning through optimum connectivity   Original Research Article
Pages 72-85
Willian P. Amorim, Alexandre X. Falcão, João P. Papa, Marcelo H. Carvalho
A hybrid classification algorithm by subspace partitioning through semi-supervised decision tree   Original Research Article
Pages 157-163
Kyoungok Kim
Structural nonparallel support vector machine for pattern recognition   Original Research Article
Pages 296-305
Dandan Chen, Yingjie Tian, Xiaohui Liu
Stochastic discretized learning-based weak estimation: a novel estimation method for non-stationary environments   Original Research Article
Pages 430-443
Anis Yazidi, B. John Oommen, Geir Horn, Ole-Christoffer Granmo
Spatial contextual superpixel model for natural roadside vegetation classification   Original Research Article
Pages 444-457
Ligang Zhang, Brijesh Verma, David Stockwell
Graph Embedded One-Class Classifiers for media data classification   Original Research Article
Pages 585-595
Vasileios Mygdalis, Alexandros Iosifidis, Anastasios Tefas, Ioannis Pitas
Dynamic saliency-driven associative memories based on network potential field   Original Research Article
Pages 669-680
Shuzhi Sam Ge, Mingming Li, Tong Heng Lee
Progressive subspace ensemble learning   Original Research Article
Pages 692-705
Zhiwen Yu, Daxing Wang, Jane You, Hau-San Wong, Si Wu, Jun Zhang, Guoqiang Han
Sparse conditional copula models for structured output regression   Original Research Article
Pages 761-769
Minyoung Kim
ROC representation for the discriminability of multi-classification markers   Original Research Article
Pages 770-777
Yun-Jhong Wu, Chin-Tsang Chiang
Statistical graph space analysis   Original Research Article
Pages 802-812
Brijnesh J. Jain
Accurately estimating rigid transformations in registration using a boosting-inspired mechanism   Original Research Article
Pages 849-862
Yonghuai Liu, Honghai Liu, Ralph R. Martin, Luigi De Dominicis, Ran Song, Yitian Zhao
Extended nearest neighbor chain induced instance-weights for SVMs   Original Research Article
Pages 863-874
Fa Zhu, Jian Yang, Junbin Gao, Chunyan Xu
Orthogonal optimal reverse prediction for semi-supervised learning   Original Research Article
Pages 908-920
Hongbin Yu, Hongtao Lu
New Hermite orthogonal polynomial kernel and combined kernels in Support Vector Machine classifier   Original Research Article
Pages 921-935
Vahid Hooshmand Moghaddam, Javad Hamidzadeh
A fast projected fixed-point algorithm for large graph matching   Original Research Article
Pages 971-982
Yao Lu, Kaizhu Huang, Cheng-Lin Liu
Learning group-based sparse and low-rank representation for hyperspectral image classification   Original Research Article
Pages 1041-1056
Zhi He, Lin Liu, Suhong Zhou, Yi Shen
  Handwriting and document analysis
A novel comprehensive database for offline Persian handwriting recognition   Original Research Article
Pages 378-393
Javad Sadri, Mohammad Reza Yeganehzad, Javad Saghi
Flexible Sequence Matching technique: An effective learning-free approach for word spotting   Original Research Article
Pages 596-612
Tanmoy Mondal, Nicolas Ragot, Jean-Yves Ramel, Umapada Pal
Signatures verification based on PNN classifier optimised by PSO algorithm   Original Research Article
Pages 998-1014
Piotr Porwik, Rafal Doroz, Tomasz Orczyk
HMM-based Indic handwritten word recognition using zone segmentation   Original Research Article
Pages 1057-1075
Partha Pratim Roy, Ayan Kumar Bhunia, Ayan Das, Prasenjit Dey, Umapada Pal
  Human movements and activities
Robust arbitrary view gait recognition based on parametric 3D human body reconstruction and virtual posture synthesis   Original Research Article
Pages 361-377
Jian Luo, Jin Tang, Tardi Tjahjadi, Xiaoming Xiao
The L2,1-norm-based unsupervised optimal feature selection with applications to action recognition   Original Research Article
Pages 515-530
Jiajun Wen, Zhihui Lai, Yinwei Zhan, Jinrong Cui
  Objects and image analysis
Discriminative saliency propagation with sink points   Original Research Article
Pages 2-12
Shuhan Chen, Ling Zheng, Xuelong Hu, Ping Zhou
Contrast-dependent surround suppression models for contour detection   Original Research Article
Pages 51-61
Qiling Tang, Nong Sang, Haihua Liu
RGB-D-based action recognition datasets: A survey   Original Research Article
Pages 86-105
Jing Zhang, Wanqing Li, Philip O. Ogunbona, Pichao Wang, Chang Tang
Learning feature fusion strategies for various image types to detect salient objects   Original Research Article
Pages 106-120
Muhammad Iqbal, Syed S. Naqvi, Will N. Browne, Christopher Hollitt, Mengjie Zhang
Fine-structured object segmentation via neighborhood propagation   Original Research Article
Pages 130-144
Yongchao Gong, Shiming Xiang, Chunhong Pan
Soft Hough Forest-ERTs: Generalized Hough Transform based object detection from soft-labelled training data   Original Research Article
Pages 145-156
Yingying Liu, Yang Wang, Arcot Sowmya, Fang Chen
Intrinsic sample mean in the space of planar shapes   Original Research Article
Pages 164-176
M.J. Flores, X. Gual-Arnau, M.V. Ibáñez, A. Simó
Active colloids segmentation and tracking   Original Research Article
Pages 177-188
Xiaofang Wang, Boyang Gao, Simon Masnou, Liming Chen, Isaac Theurkauff, Cécile Cottin-Bizonne, Yuqian Zhao, Frank Shih
Online view-invariant human action recognition using rgb-d spatio-temporal matrix   Original Research Article
Pages 215-226
Yen-Pin Hsu, Chengyin Liu, Tzu-Yang Chen, Li-Chen Fu
Pedestrian detection aided by fusion of binocular information   Original Research Article
Pages 227-238
Zhiguo Zhang, Wenbing Tao, Kun Sun, Wenbin Hu, Li Yao
100 lines of code for shape-based object localization   Original Research Article
Pages 458-472
Alaa Halawani, Haibo Li
Object recognition using local invariant features for robotic applications: A survey   Original Research Article
Pages 499-514
Patricio Loncomilla, Javier Ruiz-del-Solar, Luz Martínez
An example-based approach to 3D man-made object reconstruction from line drawings   Original Research Article
Pages 543-553
Changqing Zou, Tianfan Xue, Xiaojiang Peng, Honghua Li, Baochang Zhang, Ping Tan, Jianzhuang Liu
Visual attention based on a joint perceptual space of color and brightness for improved video tracking   Original Research Article
Pages 571-584
Víctor Fernández-Carbajales, Miguel Ángel García, José M. Martínez
Fuzzy mathematical morphology for color images defined by fuzzy preference relations   Original Research Article
Pages 720-733
Agustina Bouchet, Pedro Alonso, Juan Ignacio Pastore, Susana Montes, Irene Díaz
Data-driven techniques for smoothing histograms of local binary patterns   Original Research Article
Pages 734-747
Juha Ylioinas, Norman Poh, Jukka Holappa, Matti Pietikäinen
Object detection using boosted local binaries   Original Research Article
Pages 793-801
Haoyu Ren, Ze-Nian Li
A survey on curvilinear object segmentation in multiple applications   Original Research Article
Pages 949-970
P. Bibiloni, M. González-Hidalgo, S. Massanet
Mining intricate temporal rules for recognizing complex activities of daily living under uncertainty   Original Research Article
Pages 1015-1028
Li Liu, Shu Wang, Yuxin Peng, Zigang Huang, Ming Liu, Bin Hu
  Various applications
Symmetry-aware graph matching   Original Research Article
Pages 657-668
Tao Wang, Haibin Ling, Congyan Lang, Songhe Feng
A 3D descriptor to detect task-oriented grasping points in clothing   Original Research Article
Pages 936-948
Arnau Ramisa, Guillem Alenyà, Francesc Moreno-Noguer, Carme Torras
Corrigendum to “Towards hand gesture based writing support system for blinds” [Pattern Recognit. 57 (2016) 50–60]   
Pages 1
Gourav Modanwal, Kishor Sarawadekar
Corrigendum to ‘‘Closed form line-segment extraction using the Hough transform’’ [Pattern Recognit. 48/12 (2015) 4012–4023]   
Pages 647
Zezhong Xu, Bok-Suk Shin, Reinhard Klette
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