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Image and Vision Computing
Volume 52 ,  Pages 1-230, August 2016


  Editor's Choice Article
True scaled 6 DoF egocentric localisation with monocular wearable systems   Original Research Article
Pages 178-194
Daniel Gutierrez-Gomez, J.J. Guerrero

Graphical Abstract


  Regular Papers
Real-time facial action unit intensity prediction with regularized metric learning   Original Research Article
Pages 1-14
Jérémie Nicolle, Kévin Bailly, Mohamed Chetouani
A neural implementation of the Hough transform and the advantages of explaining away   Original Research Article
Pages 15-24
M.W. Spratling
On designing practical long range near infrared-based face recognition systems   Original Research Article
Pages 25-41
Thirimachos Bourlai, Nikolaos Mavridis, Neeru Narang
Large scale face identification by combined iconic features and 3D joint invariant signatures   Original Research Article
Pages 42-55
Marinella Cadoni, Andrea Lagorio, Enrico Grosso
Recent trends in gesture recognition: how depth data has improved classical approaches   Review Article
Pages 56-72
T. D’Orazio, R. Marani, V. Renò, G. Cicirelli
Fixing the root node: Efficient tracking and detection of 3D human pose through local solutions   Original Research Article
Pages 73-87
Ben Daubney, Xianghua Xie, Jingjing Deng, Neil Mac Parthaláin, Reyer Zwiggelaar
Towards a mean body for apparel design   Original Research Article
Pages 88-96
J. Domingo, A. Simó, M.V. Ibáñez, E. Dura, G. Ayala, S. Alemany
A robust similarity measure for volumetric image registration with outliers   Original Research Article
Pages 97-113
Patrick Snape, Stefan Pszczolkowski, Stefanos Zafeiriou, Georgios Tzimiropoulos, Christian Ledig, Daniel Rueckert
Efficient algorithms for robust estimation of relative translation   Original Research Article
Pages 114-124
Johan Fredriksson, Viktor Larsson, Carl Olsson, Olof Enqvist, Fredrik Kahl
Improving facial analysis and performance driven animation through disentangling identity and expression   Original Research Article
Pages 125-140
David Rim, Sina Honari, Md Kamrul Hasan, Christopher J. Pal
A Bayesian approach to simultaneously recover camera pose and non-rigid shape from monocular images   Original Research Article
Pages 141-153
Francesc Moreno-Noguer, Josep M. Porta
Cloudmaps from static ground-view video   Original Research Article
Pages 154-166
Nathan Jacobs, Scott Workman, Richard Souvenir
Highly accurate optical flow estimation on superpixel tree   Original Research Article
Pages 167-177
Yinlin Hu, Rui Song, Yunsong Li, Peng Rao, Yangli Wang
Action recognition using saliency learned from recorded human gaze   Original Research Article
Pages 195-205
Daria Stefic, Ioannis Patras

Graphical Abstract


Discovering object aspects from video   Original Research Article
Pages 206-217
Anestis Papazoglou, Luca Del Pero, Vittorio Ferrari
Aerial image sequence geolocalization with road traffic as invariant feature   Original Research Article
Pages 218-229
Gellért Máttyus, Friedrich Fraundorfer
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