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Image and Vision Computing
Volume 51 ,  Pages 1-94, July 2016
  Editor's Choice Article
Visual units and confusion modelling for automatic lip-reading   Original Research Article
Pages 1-12
Dominic Howell, Stephen Cox, Barry Theobald
  Regular Papers
Orthonormal dictionary learning and its application to face recognition   Original Research Article
Pages 13-21
Zhen Dong, Mingtao Pei, Yunde Jia
A discriminative and sparse topic model for image classification and annotation   Original Research Article
Pages 22-35
Liu Yang, Liping Jing, Michael K. Ng, Jian Yu
Cascade of Tasks for facial expression analysis   Original Research Article
Pages 36-48
Xiaoyu Ding, Wen-Sheng Chu, Fernando De la Torre, Jeffery F. Cohn, Qiao Wang

Graphical Abstract


BLAID: Boundaries from Locally Adaptive Isotropic Detection   Original Research Article
Pages 49-57
U.A.A. Niroshika, R.G.N. Meegama
Fully automatic person segmentation in unconstrained video using spatio-temporal conditional random fields   Original Research Article
Pages 58-68
Chetan Bhole, Christopher Pal
Robust face alignment and tracking by combining local search and global fitting   Original Research Article
Pages 69-83
Jongju Shin, Daijin Kim
Online unsupervised feature learning for visual tracking   Original Research Article
Pages 84-94
Fayao Liu, Chunhua Shen, Ian Reid, Anton van den Hengel
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