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  Computer Vision and Image Understanding
Volume 150 ,  Pages 1-152, September 2016


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Bio-inspired computer vision: Towards a synergistic approach of artificial and biological vision   Original Research Article
Pages 1-30
N. V. Kartheek Medathati, Heiko Neumann, Guillaume S. Masson, Pierre Kornprobst

Graphical abstract


Robust Bayesian non-parametric dictionary learning with heterogeneous Gaussian noise   Original Research Article
Pages 31-43
Yi Wang, Bin Li, Yang Wang, Fang Chen, Bang Zhang, Zhidong Li
A generalized graph reduction framework for interactive segmentation of large images   Original Research Article
Pages 44-57
Houssem-Eddine Gueziri, Michael J. McGuffin, Catherine Laporte
A novel scheme based on local binary pattern for dynamic texture recognition   Original Research Article
Pages 58-65
Deepshikha Tiwari, Vipin Tyagi
Multi-reference combinatorial strategy towards longer long-term dense motion estimation   Original Research Article
Pages 66-80
Pierre-Henri Conze, Philippe Robert, Tomás Crivelli, Luce Morin
An occlusion-aware particle filter tracker to handle complex and persistent occlusions   Original Research Article
Pages 81-94
Kourosh Meshgi, Shin-ichi Maeda, Shigeyuki Oba, Henrik Skibbe, Yu-zhe Li, Shin Ishii
Large scale Gaussian Process for overlap-based object proposal scoring   Original Research Article
Pages 95-108
S.L. Pintea, S. Karaoğlu, J.C. van Gemert, A.W.M. Smeulders

Graphical abstract


Bag of visual words and fusion methods for action recognition: Comprehensive study and good practice   Original Research Article
Pages 109-125
Xiaojiang Peng, Limin Wang, Xingxing Wang, Yu Qiao
Model effectiveness prediction and system adaptation for photometric stereo in murky water   Original Research Article
Pages 126-138
C. Tsiotsios, T.K. Kim, A.J. Davison, S.G. Narasimhan
Online algorithms for factorization-based structure from motion   Original Research Article
Pages 139-152
Ryan Kennedy, Laura Balzano, Stephen J. Wright, Camillo J. Taylor
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