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Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
Volume 40, Part A ,  Pages 1-392, October 2016


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  Regular Papers
Joint fingerprinting and decryption method for color images based on quaternion rotation with cipher quaternion chaining   Original Research Article
Pages 1-13
Bartosz Czaplewski
Blind image motion deblurring with image -regularized priors   Original Research Article
Pages 14-23
Jie Li, Wei Lu
A novel method for image classification based on bag of visual words   Original Research Article
Pages 24-33
Ronggui Wang, Kai Ding, Juan Yang, Lixia Xue
Computational complexity allocation and control for inter-coding of high efficiency video coding with fast coding unit split decision   Original Research Article
Pages 34-41
Jiunn-Tsair Fang, Zong-Yi Chen, Chang-Rui Lai, Pao-Chi Chang
Extended common molecular and discriminative atom dictionary based sparse representation for face recognition   Original Research Article
Pages 42-50
Zheng-ping Hu, Fan Bai, Shu-huan Zhao, Meng Wang, Zhe Sun
On the effective subkey space of some image encryption algorithms using external key   Original Research Article
Pages 51-57
Wun-She Yap, Raphael C.-W. Phan, Bok-Min Goi, Wei-Chuen Yau, Swee-Huay Heng
Blind image restoration with sparse priori regularization for passive millimeter-wave images   Original Research Article
Pages 58-66
Tingting Liu, Zengzhao Chen, Sanyan Liu, Zhaoli Zhang, Jiangbo Shu
Person re-identification based on multi-region-set ensembles   Original Research Article
Pages 67-75
Wei Li, Chao Huang, Bing Luo, Fanman Meng, Tiecheng Song, Hengcan Shi
Improved visual information fidelity based on sensitivity characteristics of digital images   Original Research Article
Pages 76-84
Tien-Ying Kuo, Po-Chyi Su, Cheng-Mou Tsai
Single image dehazing via reliability guided fusion   Original Research Article
Pages 85-97
Irfan Riaz, Teng Yu, Yawar Rehman, Hyunchul Shin
A robust iterative super-resolution mosaicking algorithm using an adaptive and directional Huber-Markov regularization   Original Research Article
Pages 98-110
Debabrata Ghosh, Naima Kaabouch, Wen-Chen Hu
Disparity map enhancement in pixel based stereo matching method using distance transform   Original Research Article
Pages 118-127
Yong-Jun Chang, Yo-Sung Ho
Computer assisted diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma using Z-transform features   Original Research Article
Pages 128-148
Navid Noroozi, Ali Zakerolhosseini
Spatially misaligned HEVC transcoding with computational-complexity scalability   Original Research Article
Pages 149-158
Johan De Praeter, Glenn Van Wallendael, Thijs Vermeir, Jürgen Slowack, Peter Lambert
Gradient-layer feature transform for action detection and recognition   Original Research Article
Pages 159-167
Liangliang Wang, Ruifeng Li, Yajun Fang
Adaptive shock filter for image super-resolution and enhancement   Original Research Article
Pages 168-177
Jinsheng Xiao, Guanlin Pang, Yongqin Zhang, Yuli Kuang, Yuchen Yan, Yixiang Wang
Robust natural image segmentation by using spatially constrained multivariate mixed Student’s t-distribution and TV flow edge   Original Research Article
Pages 178-196
Yong Yang, Ling Guo, Yangdong Ye
A novel method of multimodal medical image fusion using fuzzy transform   Original Research Article
Pages 197-217
Meenu Manchanda, Rajiv Sharma
Image fusion based on visual salient features and the cross-contrast   Original Research Article
Pages 218-224
Jianhua Adu, Shenghua Xie, Jianhong Gan
Image camouflage by reversible image transformation   Original Research Article
Pages 225-236
Dongdong Hou, Weiming Zhang, Nenghai Yu
Multiple clusters parts-based sparse representation for single example face identification   Original Research Article
Pages 237-250
Bin Wang, Cungang Wang, Jifeng Huang
Visual saliency detection based on homology similarity and an experimental evaluation   Original Research Article
Pages 251-264
Zhihui Chen, Hanzi Wang, Liming Zhang, Yan Yan, Hong-Yuan Mark Liao
Long-range trajectories from global and local motion representations   Original Research Article
Pages 265-287
Eduardo M. Pereira, Jaime S. Cardoso, Ricardo Morla

Graphical abstract


Accurate and robust feature-based homography estimation using HALF-SIFT and feature localization error weighting   Original Research Article
Pages 288-299
Chunyang Zhao, Huaici Zhao
Improved road centerlines extraction in high-resolution remote sensing images using shear transform, directional morphological filtering and enhanced broken lines connection   Original Research Article
Pages 300-311
Ruyi Liu, Qiguang Miao, Bormin Huang, Jianfeng Song, Johan Debayle

Graphical abstract

Road information plays an important role in many civilian and military applications. This paper proposes an improved method for road centerlines extraction, which is based on shear transform, directional segmentation, shape features filtering, directional morphological filtering, tensor voting, multivariate adaptive regression splines (MARS) and enhanced broken lines connection. The proposed method consists of five steps. Firstly, directional segmentation based on spectral information and shear transform is used to segment the images for obtaining the initial road map. Shear transform is introduced to overcome the disadvantage of the loss of the road segment information. Secondly, we perform hole filling to remove the holes due to noise in some road regions. Thirdly, reliable road segments are extracted by road shape features and directional morphological filtering. Directional morphological filtering can separate road from the neighboring non-road objects to ensure the independence of each road target candidate. Fourthly, tensor voting and MARS are exploited to extract smooth road centerlines, which overcome the shortcoming that the road centerlines extracted by the thinning algorithm have many spurs. Finally, we propose an enhanced broken lines connection algorithm to generate a complete road network, in which a new measure function is constructed and spectral similarity is introduced.

Structure-aware image inpainting using patch scale optimization   Original Research Article
Pages 312-323
Zhihua Chen, Chao Dai, Lei Jiang, Bin Sheng, Jing Zhang, Weiyao Lin, Yubo Yuan
A new detector for contourlet domain multiplicative image watermarking using Bessel K form distribution   Original Research Article
Pages 324-334
Mehdi Rabizadeh, Maryam Amirmazlaghani, Mahmoud Ahmadian-Attari
Blind quality index for camera images with natural scene statistics and patch-based sharpness assessment   Original Research Article
Pages 335-344
Lijuan Tang, Leida Li, Ke Gu, Xingming Sun, Jianying Zhang
A unified Bayesian mixture model framework via spatial information for grayscale image segmentation   Original Research Article
Pages 345-356
Taisong Xiong, Yuanyuan Huang, Jianping Gou, Jinrong Hu
Fast approximate DCT with GPU implementation for image compression   Original Research Article
Pages 357-365
Reem T. Haweel, Wail S. El-Kilani, Hassan H. Ramadan
Combining inconsistent textures using convolutional neural networks   Original Research Article
Pages 366-375
Xiuxia Cai, Bin Song
Object detection in SAR image based on bandlet transform   Original Research Article
Pages 376-383
Nithin Raj, R. Sethunadh, P.R. Aparna
Anisotropic diffusion noise filtering using region adaptive smoothing strength   Original Research Article
Pages 384-391
Sanghun Kim, Suk-Ju Kang, Young Hwan Kim
  Short Communication
Encrypted JPEG image retrieval using block-wise feature comparison   
Pages 111-117
Hang Cheng, Xinpeng Zhang, Jiang Yu, Yuan Zhang
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