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[CFP] ISCE 2016

GreatMind 2016.04.09 21:17 조회 수 : 62

The 20th International Symposium on Consumer Electronics will be held on 28-30 September 2016 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The annual ISCE aims to bring together the researchers engineers from industry, research-centers and academia to exchange information and results of recent research on circuits, systems, technologies, processes and applications pertaining to consumer electronics. It will provide an excellent forum for the researchers, system developers and service providers to share their ideas, designs, and experiences. ISCE 2016 invites submissions of technical papers for oral and poster presentations. Papers reporting new developments in all areas related to consumer electronics are invited.

In the ISCE 20 years-old celebration, the conference theme is "Consumer electronics for everyone: enhancing the info-sphere”. We witness a smarter world arising, with smart connected things generating knowledge and new services, acting as an extension of the infosphere into the physical world. The Internet of Things and the Swarm computing, as a next step after the cloud infrastructure deployment, are spreading connected sensors and actuators, enable services that are directly embedded in the physical world rather than just the cyber world. It has high potential for improving quality of life, leveraging wearable, smart home, automotive, context awareness, video and audio personalization, entertainment, wellness, connectivity, energy, cloud services, personal privacy, storage, computer vision, or sensors fusion. Another important point is to have this smarter world available to all, inclusive designs, low-cost solutions and solutions for remote and under developing areas are especially required to be presented this year.

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