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[CFP] IEEE HealthCom'16 Call for Submissions

GreatMind 2016.04.27 14:58 조회 수 : 55

IEEE HealthCom 2016 invites prospective authors to submit their original contributions covering completed or ongoing work related to the e-Health area
Workshops Please contact for deadlines
Workshops may cover current trends and future technologies, distinguished research topics, industrial challenges or socio-economic processes which proposers might wish to discuss or investigate in more depth in a structured manner over a 180 minutes period. 
Papers: Due 15 June 2016
Prospective authors are cordially invited to submit their original contributions covering completed or
ongoing work related to the eHealth area. The topics include but are not limited to:
· Emerging topics
  - Health 4.0 / Informating healthcare / Liquid applications
  - Smart Health / Smart Pharmaceuticals
  - Health grids / clouds
· Biomedical and biosensors engineering
· Body sensor networks and wearable sensor systems
· Clinical biofeedback, decision support systems, and tools
· eHealth information and network Infrastructure
· eHealth for public health (including disease prevention,
  emergency preparedness, epidemiologic interventions)
· eHealth for aging (to support quality of life for older adults,
  aging in place and independence)
· Context-awareness on eHealth
· Health monitoring, traffic characterization, & management
· Signal processing on eHealth (Image, video, data)
· Network/Communications Infrastructures and Architectures for Healthcare
· Practical Applications of eHealth
· Security and privacy on eHealth
· Storage and Display Devices for eHealth
· Telemedicine and mobile telemedicine
90 Seconds Video Clips: Due 30 June 2016
In our 3-2-1 competition, which is addressing predominantly students and young researchers including student nurses, social workers, other allied health professional students, engineering and computer science students we are calling for 90 second video clips recorded with your mobile phone or smart device. In order to be as inclusive as possible the format of the video clip is free and can be anything from a pitch, a presentation, a mini-documentary, etc. A multi-professional academic/industrial panel will review the pitches. The 3 best submissions will be announced during the conference dinner on 15 September 2016, and the directors will be awarded a price.
3-2-1 Flash Competition: 30 June 2016
The 3-2-1 competition is intended to cover work in progress or initiate discussion about early findings and new ideas. Submission should include up to 3 Power Point Slides, which have to be presented in no more than 2 minutes sharp by 1 presenter during the 3-2-1 Flash Session. The session will be recorded with the best presentation being awarded a price.
IEEE HealthCom 2016 is open for poster submissions but highly recommends the use of the digital options 90 Seconds Video Clip or 3-2-1 Flash Competition. However, those researchers who wish to show Posters need to submit them for evaluation within the !5 June 2016 deadline as a PDF page.
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