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Special Issue on Software and Digital Content Technologies
The IT industry has improved our lives dramatically over the past couple of decades. Software and digital content technologies are the core development in our pursuit of an IT-based knowledge society, and are a major source of industrial competition around the world. This special edition of ETRI Journal deals with the main issues in the research on software and digital content in hopes of contributing significantly to the development of software technology.

We welcome the submission of papers presenting new technologies and techniques that can be applied to real products, thereby leading to new business opportunities. We encourage the submission of papers that include the presentation of an implemented prototype, which will give readers a better understanding of new techniques and technologies related to existing research.
Papers to be submitted should focus on one of the following areas:
○ Intelligence and Awareness
- Speech recognition and speech synthesis
- Automatic speech translation
- Natural language processing
- Information retrieval and text mining
- Computer vision/video understanding
- Machine and deep learning
- Smart wearable computing devices
- Human sense and emotion understanding
- Multimodal interface/interaction
○ Digital Content Technologies
- Modeling/rendering/animation/simulation
- Object/scene/face/action recognition
- Motion tracking and gesture analysis
- Digital cinema and digital signage
- AR/VR/MR content and interaction
- e-Learning/game technologies
- 3D printing content/olfactory interaction
- Mobile visual search-content protection
- Music/movie information retrieval
○ Embedded Software
- Operating systems
- Middleware and virtual machines
- Cyber physical systems
- Mobile system platforms
- Embedded software platforms
- Embedded software development tools
○ Smart Cognition and Robotics
- Spatial perception and navigation
- 3D imaging technology
- Robot vision and human-robot interaction
- Intelligent agent SW platform
- Pedestrian localization and navigation
- Big data convergence service framework
○ High-Performance Cloud Computing
- High-performance computing architecture
- High-performance I/O
- High-performance interconnection networks
- Operating system
- Virtualization and virtual machines
- Parallel and distributed file systems
- Middleware for high-performance computing
- Cloud computing architecture, platform, and   applications
- Cloud federation and interoperability
○ Bio-Medical IT Convergence
- IT medical devices
- Medical imaging
- Medical image processin
- Computer-aided diagnosis
- Bio-signal processing and analysis
- Bio-medical informatics
- Clinical decision support system
- Point of care devices
- Biosensors
- IT health and wellness platform
○ Unmanned Systems Software and    Systems
- Computer vision of ADAS
- Driving situation awareness and smart control
- MAP building and localization for navigation
- Human vehicle interaction
- V2X communications for C-ITS applications
- Vehicle communication for cooperative automated   driving
- Underground image signal processing, bio-signal   processing software
- Safety support systems and technologies for heavy   industries


The submission deadline is August 15, 2016. Publication is scheduled for the April 2017 issue.
Submissions for the special issue should be made on the ETRI Journal website,, prepared using the standard template available on the site. When submitting, select “Special Issue on Software and Digital Content Technologies” for the paper type when submitting. For further details, please refer to the ETRI Journal website.

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